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Adventure. This is exactly what our family is about to embark on as we move from our home just North of Austin, Texas to Iowa City, Iowa. I’ve done this once before —  moving to a new place for a job where you know no one and you may have only visited once before (which also happened to be for the job interview itself), but the greatness of the opportunity far outweighed the scary, unpredictableness of the rest of it, so you just kind of close your eyes and jump. Yup, totally did that back in the day in search of that metropolitan, yuppy, agency/Madmen lifestyle (#yolo). I mean, how much of a difference can 9.5 years, a husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a city with a majorly UNmetropolitan lifestyle make?

So, here we are — living on our little piece of Texas with a for sale sign in the front yard (contract pending, hallelujah)! Honestly, I’m not really sure how it happened and am still in disbelief. Mike and I have toyed with a couple of possibilities this year — none of them quite coming together as effortlessly as this move has. One week it was “Wouldn’t it be nice to have four seasons?” Then there would be those horrendous mornings commuting on 620 and I’d come home and say “I just can’t deal with this traffic anymore.” Eventually it turned into “I just need a change”. We alternated saying that one – depending on how stressful our work week was, how freaking hot it was outside, or how bratty our kids were that day.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided to throw my resume around. Higher Ed allows me to work in a niche market with lots of opportunity across the globe. I was able to be picky — applying at schools in areas that met our criteria and for positions that excited me. And all be damned… more doors than I could have imagined were opened for us. Long story short, no more than 6 weeks after that “We just need a change” discussion, we opted for Door #3 at the University of Iowa.

Super exciting and amazing…right? Absolutely. I went through the whole “THEY WANT ME! THEY REALLY WANT ME” phase, but then shit got real fast. Y’all — my brain is just a hot mess right now. In 3 weeks I have accepted a new job, left my previous job, listed and gone under contract on our house, found a rental house, found a new daycare, scheduled appointments with new doctors, and packed a four bedroom house. In addition to those checklist items, there are all of these random oddball things that have come up. Let’s run through some of the craziness going on up there in my head right now:
“How does one drive in snow?”

Texas legitimately shuts down with like, even a 1% threat of snow. How am I supposed to go to work every day for like 3-4 months with white stuff covering the lines on the road? My midwestern husband laughs when I ask things like “Will we have to buy new cars with 4 wheel drive?” …”Do we need snow tires?” I mean for real, I don’t know. And either do my other Texas friends…I get this question ALL OF THE TIME!  Mike assures me we will be fine in flat Iowa with what we have. I’ll report back to you in a few weeks with an update. I’m still convinced this will be me:

“Oh, I don’t need a new jacket…this old peacoat will be perfect. Its never warm enough here for me to wear it. I’m supes excited to break this bad boy in.”

::laughter::”Oh, babe. No. Just No. You will get frost bite in that coat.” Well, shit…there goes another $200. But YAY new coat that may/may not make me look like the Michelin man.

“We should totally be able to fit all of our clothes in four wardrobe boxes.”

SO not accurate. Eight wardrobe boxes, two rolling duffles, and a few boxes later…I think I’ve got it all. And that’s just our closet. Awesome.

“But I only need snow boots when I’m like, playing in the yard building snowmen with the girls, right?”

Apparently this is not the case, but I can’t order any yet because heck if I know how those fit to order online, and people in these parts tend to look at you cross eyed when you begin anything with “Do you carry snow (________)?”. So this is another one of those things I’ll have to figure out when I get there. There are a lot of those.

This is just a few of the many, many new things that I’m thinking about these days. I’m so focused on the present that I haven’t had much time to think about the future. Except those fleeting moments where I’m taping up a box and think about where I will be unpacking them and what I may be feeling in that future moment. Will I be as excited as I am right now? Will I have regret? Will I be layered in sweaters and jackets and ear muffs and snow boots and be cursing the snow that Mike keeps having to shovel off our driveway?

There is a lot of unknown waiting for us in Iowa. Mike hasn’t been to Iowa in years, and because of time constraints, he didn’t go for a visit before we decided to make the move official. We haven’t seen the inside of the house we’ll be renting (ugh, the idea of renting sucks) for the next year. The neighborhood is lovely though and it’s a brand new house, so how bad could it be? Screened in porches are a thing there and we’re excited for summer nights on the patio. I am hopeful for great neighbors – something we don’t have much of out here in the country.

Oh, and what about that whole “job” thing? It’s easy for me to forget that this is kind of the whole reason we’re living in such chaos right now. Will I like it? Will they like me? I’ve got to go in and create change in an environment that has historically resisted it. What if I fail? What if I succeed and am a total badass? Shit y’all, I’m relocating our family…I better freaking like this place.

Movers come in 4 days. My mom, the girls and I will road trip on our own next week. Mike, the dogs, and the other parents will come up a day after.

Weather forecast for our arrival day:


I’m going to try and keep this blog thing going for my curious Texas Friends. Please don’t judge my poor graphics and typos. I’ve kind of got a lot going on right now.

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