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Iowa has been good to us this week. The moving truck arrived on Sunday, my phone estimated a temperature of -12º at the time. Since the front door was open the whole time, we bundled the girls in their jackets and sat in Addie’s new “secret room”, or the closet under the stairs in her room. We were still cold.

We’ve done a really good job of unpacking and settling in.  The house itself is only about 400 sq. feet smaller than our Texas home, but I guess when you go from 2 acres, to a “zero lot” (fancy talk for “duplex”) home you end up with more stuff than you thought you had. Our storage area is packed to the brim, and the lack of laundry space is really invading my entry walkway, but this place really isn’t bad. Of course, I’m antsy to find something permanent, or start the build process – but realistically, we’re probably 4-5 months away from starting that process. So in the mean time, I will continue to invest in command strips to hang ALL the things. Curtain rod? – command strip it.  Baby Monitor? – command strip it.  52″ TV? – Ok, we couldn’t command strip that – but we totally command stripped the TV receiver.



Oh, but fun fact: when your fridge isn’t big enough to hold your oversize pizza, you can just put it on your patio overnight to keep it cold. I never would have thought of that…but I think we can label that a “perk” of Iowa.

Also…daycare. Ugh, daycare. I registered the girls rather blindly to secure a space and ensure we wouldn’t put ourselves in a pickle. We finally toured said daycare facility this week and I left feeling pretty meh. Or, a lot meh. I basically got back in the car and started calling other daycares. I went back to my original choice – a new facility with a very similar class structure to our Texas school. It’s a bit of a hike (a whole 12 minutes from our house…), but I think (hope) the girls will do well. One school I visited said they didn’t believe in lesson plans. I totally nodded my head in agreement while I listened to her spiel, but then totally side-eyed it after the fact.


Oh, I also slipped on some ice while crossing the mall parking lot. All while several last-minute holiday shoppers looked awkwardly at me, noted my Texas license plates, and marched onward. Time to get those plates changed.


Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday. We are currently blasting christmas music, while watching “The Santa Claus”, while Mike cooks us Christmas eve dinner and Charli licks the sprinkles off the christmas cookies. So, basically having the whitest christmas ever. 😉

And some other random photos from my phone over the last week:


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